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29 Dec 2018

Sitelock Review - Good or Bad?

Is sitelock trustworthy? even worth it? 

Know about them:

Sitelock is scam and not pure at all. They took money from my credit card which it is not in file. and in the invoice i see billed on my card that i added before. (i dont know how the heck they charged me from my new card that i recently received. and i never add it to any site.

They should've charged me from my CC on their site. ) so they took unauthorised payment from me, i phoned my credit card company and they blocked my card immediately for fraud reason. and told me SITELOCK attempted to withdraw some payments from my account ): but it denied them . 

Also, sitelock agent threatened me if i dont pay $250 to cancel the service they will take me to the court. what? what? WOW. they acting like they are the victim. 

When i spoke to one of their agents about agreement before sign  and asked if i cancel how much i pay, he said %50 , as i pay monthly i had to make sure that if i cancel i will pay only $25.00 , he said correct. so i signed.

Now it turned to $240. im the one who is going to sue them for taking money without my permission. also, they opened another account. hell i got billed for them both. i really dont understand them.

Few days they attempted to take $6.00 from my credit card which it declined the transaction.

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19 Aug 2018

Advertise and Make Money With Ebesucher

Hello Dear users

credit: ebesucher

Today in this article i am going to talk about an amazing Traffic exchange and visitors website.

This website is : www.Ebesucher.com, Is Legit and very good website to gain new visitors to your website or business, earn money and advertise as well. They have a lot of Advertising ways for affordable rates. 

You can advertise your site on ebesucher.com in surfing and also you can promote your website or business by using paid emails methods. millions of visitors will visit your website and read your emails. 

You can also earn money by surfing websites in real time,  get paid by reading emails and referring other people to sign up on the website. The minimum payout is $2 by paypal. 

You can earn money surfing sites in multiple computers, Let's say you have 4 computers in your house you can run surfing in all off the computers that you have. must under 1 IP only. 

To do that all you need to do is create multiple SURFLINKS . See examples below: 
This is your origin account URL: http://www.ebesucher.com/surfbar/jhon 

These are created Surflinks example:

Now you created 3 surflinks 1 for each computer with unique name, Just log in on each computer to ebesucher.com with same username and password.

You need to Install the extension in mozilla Firefox Firefox browser on each computer that you are using. 
Here is the Extension link to download : https://www.ebesucher.com/addon

You will see it like on the picture below : 


And here is the link to download the Restarter: https://www.ebesucher.com/restarter.html

I personally use this website for more than 1 year and i really like it, fast, good earning, free traffic and targeted traffic as well. all your needs is in one place.

You will discover many features when you sign up to ebesucher.com. Now that you got an idea about the website you can start earning money and/or advertising.

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4 Aug 2018

AzoBux is legit

AzoBux is an online marketing company. 
You'll find +45 ads daily for a price per click of 0.0005-0.01$ when you're standard user. The latest status attributed to this site by nbr is : promising . By looking at our grade, you can see at a glance if this Paid To Click is a scam or legit PTC.

The minimum to cashout is 2 $ and the TOS said that the payment deadline is some hours. You can choose among the following payout methods :paypal, payeer , bitcoin, PerfectMoney, solidtrustpay.With this P.T.C. website you will win 50% of your referral earnings.

The total number of members reached was 3595 and total paid was 376.02$ ,at the latest update (25/06/2018).

It's free to join us, No investment required
Earn $0.02 per click & $0.001 from referrals
We accept members from all countries
Multiple and easy ways of earning money
Guaranteed daily advertisements & tasks
Earn on PTSU up to $5 daily if Approved
You get paid when you reach amount of $2.00
Fast support and safe environment

seven levels of referral commission
azogames(newly added)

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30 Apr 2018

Make Money At AzoBux

AzoBux is an advertising website (Paid-To-Click) which other websites owners advertise on it . and anyone can make money through it. Just by clicking Ads.

You will get every 24 Hours new ads and all what you need to do is click ads daily and make $0.005 and $0.001 per Ad. You can make over $2 a day . Also there are some other ways to make money on this website. like Completing tasks, offers, surveys, azogrid,contests, doing PTSU, watching videos and more...

Payment Proof:

Website payments to members, check it by clicking here:


 If you like to give it a try Sign Up   


and start collecting money.
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23 Mar 2018

5 Considerations for the Home Worker to Make Money Online

With a computer and high speed Internet access, the potential for the home worker to make money online is virtually limitless. When it comes to finding the right home based business opportunity, there are several things to consider. Here are the top five:

1. Are You a Salesperson?

Some people have a natural talent for sales, while others couldn't sell water to someone stranded in the desert. For the home based worker who has the ability to sell, network marketing may be the perfect home based business. Network marketing typically involves selling products in one or more niche markets, as well as selling the opportunity. Also known as multi-level marketing, network marketing pays commissions based on a percentage of your sales and on the sales of your "downline," or those you have recruited to sell the product. Each opportunity has its own commission plan, and many pay bonuses on top of commissions.

2. Are You Experienced?

If you have years of experience being a home worker, you probably have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, if you're new to being an entrepreneur, you probably need training. Look for a company that offers the tools and training you need in order to succeed. The type of training you receive can encompass everything from weekly conference calls or webinars (Internet-based seminars), to one-on-one coaching from your upline, to training manuals and other written materials.

3. Are You Internet Savvy?

If you know your way around the Internet and know something about setting up and hosting websites, the possibilities are endless. You can create your own websites, for example, and start generating affiliate revenue and Google AdSense revenue.

If you haven't the foggiest idea of how to set up and host a website, be sure to find a company you can partner with who will do the heavy lifting. There are many Internet-based opportunities for the home based worker from companies that provide what are called "replicated sites." They'll design and host your websites for you, so that all you have to do is work on marketing in order to drive traffic to your site.

4. How Much do You Want to Work?

Before selecting a home based business opportunity, honestly assess how much you want to work. If a stay-at-home mom needs extra money, she may only want to work two or three hours a day. If someone wants to quit the rat race and work full time as a home worker, money for moms simply won't be enough income. Sometimes a single home based business will provide all of the revenue a person needs, while other times you have to embark on several opportunities to diversify and multiply your revenue streams.

5. How Hands-On do You Want to Be?

Some home based business opportunities require that you be actively involved on a day-to-day basis, either in order fulfillment and customer service or in marketing your websites or businesses. Other opportunities are more passive in nature, in that you have to spend a lot of time initially, but they become self-perpetuating. If you're a home worker who enjoys being an ongoing active participant, choose an opportunity that requires you to interact with other people. If you prefer to be hands-off, select a business that will basically run itself.
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3 Key Secret Components For Wholesale Profit Success

Everyday it is getting more attractive to start selling wholesale items online and offline because of the profit potential many products carry. Now a days if you plan to make a part-time income or make a full-time living by selling wholesale items, you need to know three basic components that almost every seller online and offline do not use to their advantage.

In order to have success within the wholesale business you need to follow the three steps key components 98% average Joe marketer does not apply and fails to recognize as vital important factors for company short-term and long-term success as competition is getting heavier every day, such key steps are:

Key Component Number 1: Research. Product and market research both online and offline is a must for the initial start-up success of a potential profitable wholesale business.

You need to discover what wholesale items are profitable, which items are viable and saturated, item acceptance-nationally or worldwide, market population, item conversion rate, return on investment and competition research to name a few.

Know how to make this research before deciding to sell a product and more importantly, a wholesale item. Since when we sell wholesale, profits are less since we sell to merchants, retailers or clients and therefore need more research time to enjoy possible future profits.

Key Component Number 2: Test. Most successful businesses test their product and system before even starting to sell the main item both online or offline.

One of the tools you can use for your immediate advantage is the use of surveys. By using and completing a survey to a potential customer, you obtain valuable rapport on customer likes and dislikes about your idea, product or business concept. Use this free survey resource to your advantage before selling for immediate feedback.

Key Component Number 3: Take Action. Start offering the wholesale item for a fee and gather final conclusions if your item will or will not sell. By doing the proper research, testing and getting into an action process mode, you will win or lose money. No matter what happens in your sales experience with your new item, you earn profits or you gain considerable knowledge and experience.

Very importantly, you must take action with your new idea or recurring wholesale business venture as doing so will increase your experience and potential profit success within your niche and industry.

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9 Feb 2018

Buy Guaranteed International & Targeted Signups!

Hello, If you are looking  for getting referrals that they will sign up under your link or sign ups on any website, we do have this service.
  Azobux.com sells both Intentional and Targeted guaranteed Sign Ups for cheap rates and trusted people. They dont not work on porn, religious , sites.

Check their packages :

Check our Packages below:

50 Targeted Sign Ups                    $16.00

50 International Sign Ups              $11.00
15 International Sign Ups                $4.00

15 Targeted Sign Ups                       $5.00

   10 Targeted Sign Ups                        $3.50  

  10 International Sign Ups                  $2.25


10 CAN Sign Ups                           $3.00

 20 CAN Sign Ups                            $9.00

    50 CAN Sign Up                             $13.00

new  USA

    10 US Sign Ups                            $3.00

          50 US Sign Ups                            $12.00     
          20 US Sign Ups                            $8.50     

Buy here:  http://www.azobux.com/index.php?view=advertise

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26 Jan 2018

Take Two On Cruise Travel Tips

Pay attention to the advice from frequent cruise travelers. They have seen it all and have the stories to tell. Using their guidance can make things a bit easier for an inexperienced cruiser. After all, no one wants any “surprises” to put a damper on your cruise enjoyment.

Got Your Paperwork?

Nothing is more frustrating that digging through your bags at airport security or customs on the way to your cruise. Have everything handy and in one place. Use a little carrying case, something similar to a business card holder or small pocket photo album to contain everything.

Copy several sets of your driver’s license or photo identification as well as your passport or visa. Your credit cards and traveler’s checks should be copied. 

Leave one set at home with a trusted, easily reachable family member. Lock one set up in the personal safe in your ship cabin or lock it in the ship’s main safe. Also keep your originals and another copy with you at all times, but in separate places. This will help you in case you lose anything or it is stolen.

Items that are handy:

If you don’t want to miss the beautiful sunrise or a particular activity, bring your travel alarm clock. If you are in an inner cabin aboard the ship, there are no windows so it will be dark and virtually impossible to know what time it is.

Take a mesh laundry bag with you to stow dirty or soiled clothing. This will keep your clean clothes separated. There is nothing worse than having some of your clothes stink like dirty, sweaty socks!

An extension cord or two comes in handy with those cabins that have electric outlets in strange places. Many times, they are not where you need them, so the cords will be helpful.

Clear Ziploc baggies are useful when packing your suitcase. Such items as shampoo and sunscreen could possibly leak, so the baggies would contain the leak and keep your clothing from being ruined. Medications can also be packed into clear baggies. Going through airport security or customs can be a hassle too, so baggies allow the security officials to see the contents of your suitcase at a glance and you won’t have to unpack a travel toiletry bag for inspection this way.

Stay Connected:

If you decide to bring your cell phone to stay in touch with friends and family at home, check with your service provider about temporarily extending your calling area or inquire about special rates during your travels. No one wants to be shocked with a cell phone bill that is a few hundred dollars higher. Or should you leave your cell phone at home, invest in a few prepaid phone cards. This is a cheaper option than using the phone service on the ship.

Take extra batteries and memory sticks for your digital camera. Your battery charger might be useful too, depending on how much your camera will be used. Should you decide to use a camera with film, do not pack it in your luggage if you fly to your cruise port. Airport security scanners could ruin your film.

Binoculars are a must for sight-seeing. Sometimes, you will not be able to get up close and personal to things, so you’ll be glad to have them. You don’t want to miss anything, do you?

This is your time! Don’t spend it fretting about your ruined camera film or lamenting about the greasy sunscreen that leaked all over your suitcase. By heeding the advice from seasoned travelers, you will save yourself some trouble in your cruising vacation. Now prepare for some fun and adventure!

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