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12 Aug 2017

How To Add In-article ad Ad Unit In Posts On Blogger

 Hi guys , In this article i am gonna show you how to add Adsense's - In-article ad - ad unit in your articles. 

First of all, you must have lots of visitors so Adsense will enable this type
of ads for you.

how we add In-article ad ad unit to blogger:

Go to your adsense account, and click on my Ads, then select New ad unit.

adsense pic

adsense pic

Select - In-article ad -. give it a name and also you can custom the ad unit.
adsense pic

After you done copy the code, go to your post and select HTML,
instead of Compose and paste the wherever you want it to appear.

adsense pic

adsense pic

adsense pic

It takes awhile for the ad to appear, give it like 30 min .
lets check if the ad unit is live yet. let me show you different post.


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