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24 Jun 2017

How To Avoid To Be Banned Fom Adsense?

Google AdSense is a wonderful program for people that need to make money from their websites. There are many successful stories of people making thousands of dollars a day and there are many stories of people making an average income. In case you already have an account with Google AdSense then congratulations as it's now not that easy to get authorized! The essential issue is how to maintain your account authorized and not get banned.

Enough talking about those who got banned so I'll start talking about HOW NOT TO GET BANNED FROM GOOGLE ADSENSE:

The number one reason that users get banned is fraud clicks, never click on your own ads and if you accidentally click on your ads which happens with many of us send a report explaining that you accidentally clicked on your ads so they don't think you're trying to do something fishy.

Copyrighted material is probably the number two reason that users get banned, you're only harming yourself by talking other peoples material and publishing it in your website it will get you banned from search engines which would mean no traffic and it will get you banned from AdSense.

Make sure of what you publish in your website, Don't write about guns, porn, drugs, alcohol, hacking, violent, gambling, etc. because that will get you banned in no time.

Always update your website with new fresh content so that it will get indexed by search engine and you get more traffic into your sites.

If you run out of topics make sure that you don't post duplicate topics, posting duplicate topics will hurt your Google page ranking and you will loose traffic if your page ranking drops.

Search for blogs or website that are already successful in operating AdSense and apply some of their idea to your website that will make your website look more professional and attracts readers.
Don't post violence and drugs and adult content to your website - doing so you are risking of getting banned from AdSense.

Above are the main reasons users get banned from AdSense so make sure you evade them.
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