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27 Feb 2017

Get To Know Which One Is Best - Android or Apple?


So, Which one is better, Samsung or Apple?
Smartphones have been around for quite some time now and brands like Samsung and Apple lead the market. Samsung and Apple both are the most popular mobile gadget manufacturers in the world. Samsung and Apple have been challenging at all planes of mobile phone production and have close regulars. 

Pros and cons of Samsung: 

Samsung is among oldest producer of phones and they serve a global marketplace producing a huge range of devices. 

Some of the pros Samsung phones have encompassed the following;

Samsung was first to include android OS which has a worldwide recognition for imparting millions of Applications via Google Play. It additionally allows integration of superior computing technology and software program in cell phones.

Samsung phones are quite long lasting and can serve you for decades if nicely maintained.

Some of the cons of using Samsung phones include-
Samsung costs high for latest technology phones.
Smartphones uses heavy battery due to background applications. So phone offers a poor battery life.

Pros and cons of apple:

Apple is another world market leader in phone production. They are renowned for the following pros; Although less preferable to android, the IOS can achieve just as much as android. They offer ITunes and Apple Store for applications and downloading. They also come with features like Apple Pay mobile wallets and fingerprint recognition.

Undoubtedly that apple phones such as Iphone are the most artistically stunning designs in the market. They are also very long-lasting and feature shock engrossing capabilities.
Some of the cons of Apple phones include-
IOS limits download to Apple Store and have various limitations when it comes to 3rd a party application which is a drift.

There is no match of Apple when it comes to price and Apple phones are the most costly in the market.

Conclusion (Samsung Vs Apple): 

Samsung and Apple are the top two phone manufacture and ferocious challengers. Some of the obvious pros and cons above are bounded in using these brands. It also depend on the exacting phone so before any body shop for a phone the specifications and other features of the phone must be methodically read because once pay for the value of the gadget drop down swiftly and most of the time it is not easy to change the phones instantaneously
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