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4 Feb 2017

A Few Tips On How To Avoid Breast Cancer

Today, We will know few tips on How to avoid breast cancer
Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of breast cancer even in high-risk women. To lower the risk of breast cancer the following precautions can taken:

Do not drink alcohol No alcohol and
Don't smoke - Not smoking is one of the best ways to lower the risk
Breast-feed - Breast-feed is the protective effect in breast cancer

Maintain a healthy weight - it is a key factor in prevention of breast cancer. After menopause, being overweight increase the risk of breast cancer

Exercise regularly - The women who are physically active for at least 30 minutes in a day can lower the risk of breast cancer. 

Limit dose and duration of hormone therapy- more than three to five years hormone therapy increase the possibility of breast cancer

Avoid the exposure to environmental pollution and radiation – some Medical-imaging methods are done with high doses of radiation so Reduce exposure by having such tests only when a necessary.

Healthy diet - healthy diet also helps in  reduce the risk of  cancer so  eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Avoiding birth control pills is of the best way to lower risk of Brest cancer
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