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19 Jan 2017

How To Set Up Google Analytics Account For Blogger

Google Analytics
In this article I will explain to you how Sign Up on Google Analytics, step by step.
The analytic tool is very important for every webmaster.

Google Analytics allows you to see visitors in real time, male or woman, age, popular pages, visitors source and many more.

Let's get started

  1.  Open the following https://analytics.google.com URL and Sign Up on Google Analytics 
    Google Analytics
  2.  Select website and fill out the requirements, as you see on the Picture, Then click Get Tracking ID
    Google Analytics
  3.  Once you click on it you will get the Tracking ID and code
    Google Analytics
  4.  Now, Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Settings then Other. You will see Google Analytics (Analytics Web Property ID) simply copy the number from Analytics Account. It should look like this UA- 00000000-1 and paste it in the box then click save.
    Google Analytics
  5.  Go back to blogger, Edit HTML and find </body> , past the code just above it. Click Save.
    Google Analytics
    That is All
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