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18 Jan 2017

How To Create Custom Email On Godaddy Step By Step

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Hi all, Today I will explain to you How to Make a Custom Email Address on Godaddy, Having an Custom  email on your blog is an important thing to have on it.

Creating an email on godaddy is very easy just follow the steps below:

First of all you have to have a godaddy account for doing this

  1.  Sign in to your godaddy account, Click on Manage , on WORKSPACE EMAIL 
  2.  Click Create , on the left upper side 
  3.  Page will pop up and from the right upper side select Forwarding
  4.  Now select which domain you want to create email for, on upper box, type your desired word.  
  5. For example: (contact@yourdomainname.com). And in the box bellow type your email that you use daily as primary. So if someone send you email through your custom email the message will go to your primary Email Address .click Create
  6.  A page will pop up letting you know that your job it success. And the email beside your domain name.
That is it. Congrats. 
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