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5 Jan 2017

How To Add Skype Button To Blog Or Website

skype button
If you have a business website or blog you need to add as much easy way to be contacted by your costumer as you can, like your phone number, email address, Facebook page, contact form and many much ways

Well today i will explain to you how to Skype button to your website or blog with an easy way, Just follow steps bellow:
  1. Go To The Website by clicking HERE
  2. On the first box type your Skype name
  3. Pick either Call or Chat
  4. Pick a color and the size for the icon 
  5. Copy the code that will be generated and paste into an HTML/JavaScript gadget then click save
  6. Add the button anywhere you want on your blog or website.
Bellow is a picture of the steps : 

skype button picture

Any question? Leave a comment. Thanks
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