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30 Dec 2016

Unique and Cute Cat Names

Have you recently brought home a new kitten? Congratulations! Then, to start the fun, now it's time to choose the best name for your small furry kitten.

Naming a pet cat Muffin or Max totally obsolete! Please note that your cat is an individual living breathing. Why not choose a name that could capture the layout or the look of your cat?

The following are some recommendations for choosing cat names.

Choose a name that can be shouted from the terrace. If it's easy to yell and it's easy to say, it will be easier for your cat to recognize and get used to the name.
Research shows that cats respond better to names that are one to two syllables.

Select a name that can grow with your cat. For example, if you name your cat "Fluffy" and could not be the adequate description of the cats up.

Begin to observe your cat's unique personality. Each cat's unique habits and specific for your cat will help you find the best name. a good example is the "Cuddles" and "Bouncy". Try to capture the unique personality of a cat by name.

Here is a cute cat names, unique and funny that we have found.

Cute cat names

cat lovers are aware that there is a really sweet name for cats, especially kittens! Even though they don't realize it, our cat is on our heart strings and touch us with their cute and adorable purring. Have fun with this list of the names of our funnist cat names.

Snacks as they don't they bite


Cuddles-not for the cat that hids under the couch

Snuggles- loves hugs

Munchkin-enough said

Pumpkin-orange for cats

Cutie Patootey-if you include people who bring Your cats everywhere

Twinkle Toes-for the most elegant

Cupcake-so cute I could just eat 'em up

Lollipop-so funny ... You can lick them? It will be a hairball yuck for you.

Tom-Jerry steals the spotlight

Simba-for Tomcat

Cute Poo-if you want to go above!

Cute Cat Names

The online world is apparently has alot of funny pictures of cats. Despite the fact that the cat is one of the most graceful and balanced of all pets and animals, who actually have their moments of awkward and clumsness. We offer love and laughter. Here we have put together a list of names of funny cats sure to make you smile!

Oprah Mustache-for cats who deserves her own talk show

Chairman Meow-cat make you funny of all dictators

Chew bacca-cat-especially hairy

Fuzzinator-for cats who can make it look like a hairy Chewbacca

Kitty Bang Bang Bang-you remember the magical car?

Shakespurr-snoring snoring or not?

Cindy Clawford-to see eternal beauty

Vegetarian-irony, anyone?

Katy Purry kittycats-California

Catpernicus-browser cat

Hairy Potter-so hairy, it's magic

The great Catsby-quixotic for cats

Terabyte-horrible bites? Or just great?


Only the Kitten-for joker

Cat names are unique

Like us, each individual cat is unique. Some mischievous cat, other people lazy. Many cats are affectionate and others such as lonely. 

This is the reason why many people want to get their own names that are unique for their cats. The names of the cats we met are listed.

Ping Pong-to cat jumps on the wall

Godzilla horror-Japan

QWERTY keyboard-sleep

Machiavelli-a likely to attract for electricity

Electra-it just sounds nice

Bazinga — see here

McQueen-the coolest cat in to block

Ozzy-cats eat bats, right?

Azrael-are you getting enough Smurfs running around your place?

-Heath nobody should terrorize neighborhoods

Kilamanjaro-for climbers

Marshmallow-white cats and cuddly

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