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2 Dec 2016

The Right Way How To Breed Canaries

Hi Guys, This article is for the people who love birds and for those who are wanting to breed canaries . No matter what birds you are trying to breed. All the same way.

I'm going to give the right and effective way to breed canaries successfully. With an easy way and short time.

First of all the male have to be over 5 month old and the female must be a 10 months or older.

There is certain things you must do before putting the male and female together in the same cage, These things are as follows:

You need a nest and get some cotton or hard grass and cut it to small pieces.

Put the male beside the female for two or three days 'each one in its cage, While they are in this first level, Give the female boiled eggs 'Cut the egg to half, Put half in the fridge And give her half . When  she finish it give her the other half.

Put the nest in high side of the cage and put the cotton or the dry grass on the bottom of the cage (Do not put in the nest). She'll built the nest by herself.

Whenever the male start signing more, hide him from the female. The good way hang them up on top of each other and make sure the don't see each other.  

When you see the female started to put the stuff in the nest, In this case they are ready to mate. Threw the male in the female cage immediately.

Do not bother them and keep them somewhere where none bother them. Make sure you don't move them from their place.

Now, wait a few days, like 5 to 1 week and you'll see the eggs in the nest. When this happens take the male out of the cage immediately and put in his own cage. He might eat the eggs. If you see the female not seating on her eggs and making noise here you have to put the male back with her. So she won't reject her eggs.

This is a useful and I'm sure it will work 100%.

However, I will explain the steps after the female laid her eggs.

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  1. I also have four canaries in my home and I have been keeping then in a wonderful cage. I am very happy to visit this blog. It encourages me a lot.


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