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3 Dec 2016

Steps for Adopting a Kitten

- Steps for Adopting a Kitten
 These steps will prepare you for being a new member to your home.

For any new parent it's a exciting time.     

- Here are some questions you might ask yourself before going any further.

  1.  Make sure all the other animals can share the space and attention?
  2.  Is there enough space for the kitten to explore without any troubles?
  3.  Is the kitten going to be a outside cat or inside only?
  4.  What do you need to supply for the new kitten?
  5.  Can you afford to make sure the kitten is healthy for a life time?

- Now here is list of items that a new kitten needs

  1.  A nice warm bed that the kitten will sleep in up to 18 hours a day
  2.  A litter box (not scoopable is easier to deal with and must be cleaned out once or twice a day)
  3.  Dry and wet can food everyday (supply the dry all day long)
  4.  Toys is a must (mouse, ball and string are all big hits)
  5.  Cat carrier or a leash and collar. (remove collar if kitten is outside alone for safety reasons)
  6.  The kitten must also have a veterinarian close by.

Don't forget that it's not such a happy time for all the other members of the family. for example other adult animals. Some other animals doesn't like to share the space and attention. make sure to introduce the changes slowly. 

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I hope you and your new kitten have a great life together.

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  1. I wish I would have adopted sibling kittens!!! ��


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