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31 Dec 2016

Learn Arabic and Become Arabic Speaker

Are you interested in learning Arabic language?
If so, We do teach Arabic online. With simple ways you'll learn how to speak Arabic and also write it in couple weeks only.

If you want to sign up for Arabic lesson you can contact us HERE with all your information that it's required from you by us.

We use Skype , Facebook Messenger for our lessons  and please Keep in mind that we won't stop teaching you until you learn Arabic and you get satisfied. we will give some free extra lessons. Once you finish your lessons we will give a certificate.


We charge $50.00 only for full lessons from A to Z

How we get paid and when you will pay:

We get paid via PayPal and you pay us half price before starting and the other half when you finish.

Why chose us to learn Arabic?

We speak both languages Arabic and English. Also you can learn Arabic from a specific Arabic country , like Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian etc....

We do some lessons live on Skype or Facebook messenger for 2 Hour every week.  and you will receive home work on your Facebook account and send it back to review it.

What ages we accept?

Anyone is welcome to this service. We do not require a specific age. but for the ones are under the age of 18. We require their parents to be with them.

What are you waiting for ? Come on and request an lesson and be Arabic speaker.

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  1. Very good service. i want to learn arabic, how can join your classes?

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by, if you desire to join the class, please read the requirements and the apply on this link: http://www.jaliloblog.com/p/request-arabic-lessons.html


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