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28 Dec 2016

How To Make Your Computer Fast

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In this article i will show you How To Make Your Computer Fast?

There's nothing more annoying than a slow computer, particularly when you know it still has legs in it. Relatively than buying a new PC or laptop, following are the ways of keep away from a costly new purchase by erect your old computer run faster.

1.      Automatically delete temporary files:  
Temporary files accumulate on your computer all the way through everyday tasks and can stay on your hard disk and slowing down the computer. Get liberate of these files, counting your internet history and cookies, give you a free better amount of hard disk space and boost up speeding up your PC.

2.      More hard drive storage: 
Even if you make sure to regularly clean out all your temporarily files, if your hard drive becomes 85 per cent full, it’s going to affect your computer’s speed.

3.      Extend RAM:
RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is the temporary storage memory used by your computer. The more will be the number of programs you use, the more RAM you require for. If computer don’t have sufficient RAM it results in slower your computer.

4.      Run disk clean up: 
Windows also includes a built-in disk de-cluttering tool called “Disk Cleanup”. It searches unnecessary large files such as temporary Internet files, program installers, and many more and delete them.
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