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3 Dec 2016

How To Customize And Add Sidebar Sharing Buttons To Blogger From AddThis

Hello dear JalilobloG followers and readers, Today i'm gonna show you how to add a Side Bar Sharing Buttons, I want to add widget has Facebook,Twitter,Google plus and Print. There are too many services that you can add if you wish.

Demo:  Here 
  1.  First Sign up on AddThis. Here you go Sign Up  www.addthis.com
  2.  Sign In and then Click on Dashboard 
  3.  Select Tools and then click on ADD NEW TOOL
  4.  Now click Share Buttons, Select Sidebar ones and click Continue

  5.  Click Save and Continue , You can put that buttons on the right side of your blog, Show numbers of shares and select more buttons as well.
  6.  Click on GET THE CODE on the upper left side, make sure you select HTML WEBSITE
  7.  Sign in to blogger, Select Template then Edit HTML, Find </body> and past the code that you got above </body>. Click Save and done.
 Watch Quick Video

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  1. Thanks a lot this really helped me

  2. Thanks from me to you too. It is great and easy explanation. :)

  3. Very simple and most useful. I am using this technique for my blogs. Thanks for posting.

  4. Great explanation! Thank you so much keep up the good stuff ☺


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