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22 Dec 2016

Three Effective Google AdSense Alternatives

The topic of today is about  ''Some Effective Google AdSense Alternatives''
Many new bloggers who apply for AdSense number of times and get disappointed after getting rejected by AdSense. But AdSense is not the only advertising network for bloggers or publishers. There are a bunch of ad networks that share an upright sum of proceeds to their publisher.

If you are also one of them who did not get agreed or approved by AdSense or got excluded by AdSense, then you should undertake the following networks. These networks can also be used by you along with AdSense to boost your revenue. Following is the list of best three Alternatives of AdSense that is like to Google AdSense.


1.    Media.net:  If you are looking for the most similar AdSense Alternative, here you have it: Media.net is a growing worldwide contextual advertise company that provides a large range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to a large and expand client base.

2.    Infolinks : The platform of Infolinks is very simple to integrate into your site, and is open to any publisher no matter big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors and no unseen commitments.

3.    Amazon Associates: Amazon is the major online shopping store in the whole world, so they should be doing fine. Well, if you have a website that regarding any product that can be establish on Amazon, then Amazon associates could work for you. Amazon agrees to you to put dynamic image ads to your blog, so that you can prop up, it will pay you a commission for the whole thing they sell from your links.

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