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3 Dec 2016

Easy Way To Add YouTube Subscribe Button to Blogger

Hello JalilobloG readers and followers,  Do you have a blog or website? Also do you have a YouTube Channel? If yes I'm sure you need to add Subscribe Button to your blog.

Today I am gonna show you an easy way way how to add a Subscribe button to blogs and websites in easy and fast steps.

- Replace GoogleDevelopers with your Channel's Name on YouTube

- Select default or pic something also. Up to you

-Select a Theme either default or dark. As you like

- If you want to show the number of your subscribers beside the button keep it as it is default (shown). Also you can hide it as well.

- Look at the preview in the button and if you like it

- Copy & Past the bellow code in to an HTML/JavaScript Gadget on blogger and place it anywhere on your blog / website.

All Done ✅ 
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1 comment

  1. Great post. It helped me in increasing subscribers for my YouTube channel...Thanks a lot!


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