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24 Dec 2016

A Brief About How Google Adsense Work

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How Does Adsense Work?

Google AdSense presents a way for website holders to make money from their online content.  AdSense works by matching text and display ads to your website on the base of content and visitors of the site. The ads are produced and remunerated for by advertisers who want to prop up their products. Ever since advertisers pay dissimilar prices for dissimilar ads the amount you earn will be different.

How really AdSense work? It initialize with the advertisers who select keywords they would like to advertise on. 

- Steps if you want to apply for adsense account

Application process:
Sign up AdSense Account by visiting  http://www.google.com/adsense and create an account. Wait for them either they approve you or deny you

Before being approved to the program, Google desires to check that your website hold on to the AdSense guidelines. 

In the case of approving your application you have to do as follow:
Add AdSense widget if you are using blogger or generate an Ad code unit from your Adsenseh account and add it to your website and the ads will be live in few hours. 

  Setup your information: 

The next and final step in the application procedure is to add your information to your account including payment, address etc .

How you make money from Adsense

You will make money when your visitors click your ads and also for the times that the ads have viewed.
Things you have to be aware of while you using Adsense:

  - Don't click your ads  
- Don't ask your friends to click them for you  

Adsense will take action if they find out invalid clicks on your ads, and this may lead to disable your account for awhile or they will ban you immediately so don't do this

  You must follow their rules if you want to keep your adsense account safe and wont be banned by them.


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