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2 Nov 2016

What To Do When Ads Dispears from Your Blog When you Connect it to custom Domain

When you buy a new domain and add it to your blog the google AdSense ads will dispear (Sometimes). In this case we have some things to do to get them live again.

Do you need an new AdSense account? No, You needn't, Just do the following steps: 
  1.  Claim your blog again with the new domain on Google webmaster
  2.  Submit a new sitemap
  3.  Go to your AdSense account, Click My Ads,
  4.  Click New ad unit,
  5.  Type something in the Name box , Select the Ads style , Click Save and get code,
  6.  Copy the code and past in HTML/JavaScript box, Wait 24 hours for your Ads to be live working again.
  7.  All Done! 
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