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27 Nov 2016

Make Money From Indeed Website

Hello everyone , Today im going to talk about INDEED.COM, I think most of people knows it. 
Indeed is a website for searching for job worldwide almost.  

Can webmasters make money from Indeed?

Yes, They can earn money from it by adding a search box of Indeed on the website and also by adding a blog roll.

How to make money?
After adding the widgets and every time someone search for job in the box of search on your website you will earn money

- First of all, You need to sign up on Indeed. Here you go sign up : http://ca.indeed.com/publisher
- After entering your info and create the account you from dashboard click Create a Jobroll , Select a country and click Get Jobroll Code. Past it anywhere on your website.

- Now we need to add an Create Job Search Box 
- Go to dashboard and click Create Job Search Box , Pick what you like and hit Show HTML Code. Copy and Past it on your website anywhere you want

- Now, click on Job Search API and  chose Click Tracking, you'll see a code 

- Copy the code and paste it into the <head> section of your web page 

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