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2 Nov 2016

How To Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Gadget - with pictures

There are certain thins on blogger that make bloggers annoyed, Like Powered by Blogger , Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) , etc..

Today i am gonna speak about Powered by Blogger and how to remove it from your blog with pictures. Actually it is easy removing it.

First let see on the bellow picture.  when we try to remove it on the pic 1. And as we see there is no REMOVE option on pic 2.

So, What should we do ?

  1. From your blogger dashboard click Template > Edit HTML. Click on Jump to a widget as you see on the bellow picture
  2.  Now, chose Attribution1 as you see on the picture bellow
  3.  Alright. Now you will see a code it highlighted on the bellow picture, all what you have to is replace ''true'' with ''false''
    It will look like this on the pic 
  4.   After that click Save Template
  5.  Lets go to the widget again and try to remove Powered by Blogger. And now we will be able to remove it. ( you see remove option now?) Just hit Remove and thats it. No longer see Powered by blogger again.

If you do it and works for you, Hit me with a comment, Please share as well. 

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