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5 Nov 2016

How to Remove Gadget That Has No Remove Option

Today we are going to speak about an issue in blogger which i think all the bloggers had faced it before.

Sometimes we change the template and we do not like it and then we add our old one back
, We find some Gadgets that we have never added before, and  when you go to try to delete them you cant, because the Remove option is not available beside Save and Cancel

This is the Issue that we are going to show you how to solve it. I am gonna give you a simple with pictures, lets get started :

1- I have in my blog a widget named Widget Random Post No.I never added it and i cant remove it. It is on my template because i changed it and i added it back.

 2 - What should i do ? I go to Template >> Edit  HTML and search for the gadget name

3 - Oh yeah, I found it, it's Highlighted with yellow, all what i do is change TRUE with FALSE, Then SAVE
4- Now i go to the Gadget and try to remove it,  And as you see, i am able to remove it YAY ^_*

Done! ;)  

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