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25 Nov 2016

How To Deal With Someone Stole Article From Your Blog

Today I am going to talk about "How to Deal with Somebody Stole Your Content". 

As we all know there's a lot of people that open a blog and for some reason they steal other's content instead of writing their own. 

If you see any topic from your website posted on an other blog/website you may do the following things:

First of all, go to the blog that you saw your article on and contact the owner of it and tell him/her the following :

"Hello, I am the owner of ( your blog ) and today while browsing your website  i  saw an article belongs to me (Send him/her the link of the original article).

I have to offer you two things, they are as follows:

- Pay me for the article $5.00 and keep it on your blog.
- If you say no, Please remove it as soon as possible.

You have 72 Hours to decide either pay me or delete the article. and if you do not agree to both offers i will report you as you stolen my content's website. which i dont want to do.

Here is my email ex: contact@site.com and here is my PayPal email contact@gmail.com if you want to buy the article so you can send me 5$ through it.

Waiting to hear from you soon, have a good day"

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  1. Awesome...will recommend my friends.

  2. This article! It was the most helpful one I could find!


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