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19 Nov 2016

How to Create a Custom Adsense Search Box

Hello everyone, Today's article is about how to create a Adsense Search Box, the reason of adding to the website is to make money as the other Adsense ads.

How it work?

When you create the search box and you put in your blog you will earn money every time someone uses it  and click on the ads that shows up in the search result, all results are websites adverting on google adsense.

Let's get started how to create a search box and add it to your blog
  1. First of all , Sign in to your Adsense account
  2. Click my ads, Search and then click +New custom search engine
  3. Add a name and then select The entire web
  4. Now, fill out all required things, Like language etc...then click Save and get code
  5. Copy the code
Now, add the code into HTML/JavaScript and place it where ever you want it to appear on your blog. 

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1 comment

  1. Highly appreciated for this tutorial. Process is very simple. Got mine up and running in no time!


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