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20 Nov 2016

Will Adsense Ban me if i Click My Ads Accidentally

Today I'm going to speak about clicking your Adsense ads by mistake, As we are humans we always do mistakes.  Adsense is so serious about you click your own ads and that leads to close your account, It is one of Adsense policies. And they know about every single click you get on your website.

The one sometimes while editing the website or adding some widgets  the mouse just slide right to the ad and the ad will open. This is invalid click and Google Adsense team knows about it.

When this happen you may not sleep all night waiting for an email from Adsense to let you know that they disabled your account. And you'll have a very bad moments which I felt it.

Does Adsense will close your account due the accidentally clicks on your ads?

No, do not worry if you click on your ad without meaning even it happened few times. As Google Adsense says " accidents happens ". and don't panic because Adsense know about that.  Just don't keep accidentally click ads all the time.

How to protect your ads from clicking them with out meaning?

Just add Google ads block tool on your browser , thus you won't click on any of your ads.

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  1. Great article on Google Adsense. It is very informative.

  2. Very important article! I think its great and will work for me.


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