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6 Oct 2016

Create Subscribe by Email Gadget

Hi Guys,Today's lesson is about how to create Subscribe By Email Gadget, its an important thing that must be in your blog, so people could easily get your updates through Email.

Once they Subscribe they will receive all the articles you write.

This gadget that we are going to add to the blog is from FeedBurner website,  Please follow the few steps bellow: 

1 - Sign in to FeedBurner HERE and type your blog's Link, Then hit Next, as it is on the pic bellow 

 2 - Choose RSS ,The second option where the arrow is pointing to then click Next
3 - Give an address to your Blog , click Next
4 - Do not click next, click the blue link
5 - Click Publicize, then Email subscriptions and click Activate
6 - You will get a Code, Copy it
Done with Feed Burner.

Now we will learn how to add the Gadget into the blog 

1 - Sign in to Blogger, go Layout and then add gadget
2 - Pick HTML/JavaScript then click the  +

3 - Past the Code in the box, write the title you desire, like Subscribe, etc.... then click Save and you can add the gadget anywhere in your Blog
The Result is This:

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