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26 Oct 2016

Becarful - Do Not Buy Twitter Followers

Today I wanted to speak about buying followers for Twitter online. Most of people want more followers on Twitter and other social networks. When they can't get more followers. The first thing they think about is BUYING FOLLOWERS ONLINE
However, Let me tell you my story about buying followers on Twitter from other websites.

I had a few followers on Twitter, real ones. I thought about more followers. So I started looking forward to buying followers which it was a stupid idea.

I browsed a website named Social Springer .That sells followers, I chatted with one of their agents. And yes, I bought some followers.

After I purchased I started receiving emails saying I'm getting followers. I got so excited Wow! 400 followers in a few minutes, that's awesome.

After that I started checking the profiles of the people whom had followed me. I got Shocked :(

You know what I found out?...  I found out something has disappointed me and made me regret buying followers. Actually I put myself into a problem.

I found out that None of those followers is Active. All were Fake....!

The problem I mentioned above that I went into is :  

The website that i bought followers from is:

Address: https://www.socialspringer.co/

Here is the website look. Check the bellow pictures:

You all know now this website, Is not trustful So do not trust them

Back to my issue. Now I have 400 fake followers on Twitter and I have no idea how to get a rid of them. But, removing my Twitter account and, I start again with a new one.

Results I've got from buying followers:

-400 fake followers
-Got stressed thinking how to get a rid of them.
-I paid to put myself into this case.
-Probably I will delete my account on Twitter and start over. That will cause me losing a lot of tweets.

- Advise for you my dear readers:

DO NOT buy any followers for Twitter or any of the social network websites from any website.

I tell you again. BeWare of the following website:


Don't trust those scammers and do not buy followers from them.

If you had this happened to you , Please leave a comment!

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