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23 Aug 2016

Add Share Buttons to your Blog

Sharing Buttons are very important to have them on your blog, So your visitors can easily share your posts to any social websites like Facebook, twitter, google plus and more... !
So, Today i wanted to show you an easy way how to add the sharing buttons to your blog,  with the ability of customizing them. So let's get started.

1 - Sign up on : ShareThis.com 

2 - When you sign in to the website you will see Get Tools click on it, as it is on the bellow pic.

3 - You will be directed to a page where you see Choose a platforms, Choose Blogger. Then click Next . Like you see on the picture bellow.

4 - Select the style you want, ( as you see I selected a style with the green border ), Then click Next.

3 - Now, if you like what you selected click Get the Code, Or you can Customize your buttons and style by choosing any sharing buttons you want from Sharing Buttons box and drag them to Selected Services box as you can remove the buttons you dont want too, Also you can pick the size. You can see the result of change on top.  

4 -  Click on Get the Code, You see the code on pic bellow. Copy it

Now we have to put the buttons on the blog , to be under every post. Follow the few steps bellow.

Go Layout >> Add Gadget >>

Select HTML/javaScript >> Click it or the blue box that has + in it.Past the code in the box, Then click Save. Put the Gadget under Blog Posts or anywhere.

All done.

Enjoy :)  Aziz 

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